Velvet Vault

FBy the end of 2017, Karen surpriced her fans once again, this time with a full experince album.
“This new one has a little bit of everything, it has standards, covers, my own material, our first duet with the amazing singer and trumpeter Toku too and many collaborators like Tom “Bones” Malone, Robin Banerjee among others. The key component has been team work, the album just flowed. It’s been an amazing journey and I am especially proud that I was the main producer on this new album. I was involved in every tiny detail. I has been a very joyful and satisfying experience” the singer commented.
“This is the second time that Richard (Gotterher) joins us on vocal production, it is always a pleasure to have someone like Richard with us, he is our voice of experience” she added. Velvet Vault will soon be available in digital formats, CD and also vinyl!